This Morning is Like Most Every Morning

This Morning Painting
This Morning Painting

This morning is like most every morning – glorious! Come down the steps, begin the French press coffee, try to remember to turn off the alarm and enter the studio. It’s 4:00 am and brief flashes of painting have peppered my sleep. Excited and thrilled to turn on instrumental worship music, run my hands over a new canvas and pray that the work of my hands would be received as an act of worship.

Working quickly with big brushes, I begin to hear the sounds of the morning from my open window. Sometimes a bird, other times morning rain and occasionally the big truck that empties the dumpster …. yes ….. 5:00 am in the alley!

“Morning by morning new mercies I see” or maybe hear. As I paint, I record or journal my life. They are storyboards – my way of “pinning” (as in Pinterest) things that are beautiful or maybe comforting or maybe exciting. Memories of the smell of the barn when I paint the adoring faces of cows. Longing for simple, quiet “un-task driven” afternoons in a canoe. Kolaha’s music that is playing has the title “Follow Your Road.” As my feet first touch the floor in the morning, my desire is to get on that road. Painting is my road.

Come join me in my journey through my paintings, storyboards, pinning …..

“With art, what you are is what your work will be.”
– Melanie Wheeler

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